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At BotBoxAI, our unwavering commitment is to furnish cutting-edge online Technical Education platforms, catering to the learning needs of both Students and Professionals. Our offerings encompass a diverse array of services, including Free Tutorials, a vast repository of Articles, Live/Online and Classroom Courses, Engaging Coding Competitions, Insightful Webinars conducted by Industry Experts, as well as avenues for Internships and Job Opportunities.

This User Policy is a foundational document that governs all activities on the BotBoxAI website and associated services. It comes into effect for Contributors upon receipt of the Offer Letter or the Master Service Agreement, subject to any modifications made in this User Policy.

Creating Account

In establishing and maintaining your account, it is imperative to furnish accurate and comprehensive information. The responsibility for your account, along with any consequences arising from its use, rests entirely with you. If there is a suspicion of unauthorized access, it is your duty to promptly notify us. Sharing account credentials is strictly prohibited, and any breach of this policy requires immediate reporting.

When providing information during the account creation process, including your Name, Email, Phone number, and Account Details, it is essential to offer truthful details. Additional information may be sought based on the services availed or contributions made.

Contributor Terms

Contributors, by publishing content on the BotBoxAI platform, extend a license granting access to their work. While contributors enjoy lifetime account access, this license may be revoked based on adherence to the platform’s policies. During the tenure of Contributorship, the BotBoxAI tag can be used on social media and CV. However, this privilege ceases upon termination of the relationship.

BotBoxAI reserves the right to remove content that violates policies. Contributors are prohibited from reproducing, redistributing, or modifying content without proper authorization.


BotBoxAI commits to compensating contributors for successfully published content, with the payment contingent on the type and quality of the content. Payment guidelines, including thresholds and the deduction of TDS, apply. Payments are processed exclusively to Indian bank accounts. Providing accurate account details is crucial, as incorrect information may lead to termination.


The use of BotBoxAI’s platform is restricted to lawful purposes. Content must adhere to established policies and uphold the intellectual property rights of others. Strict prohibitions are in place against plagiarism. Submitted articles undergo plagiarism checks, and any instances of plagiarism result in the rejection of the article and potential termination of agreements.

Ownership of Work Product

Contributors explicitly acknowledge BotBoxAI’s exclusive ownership of work product and associated intellectual property rights. The work product is deemed a “work made for hire” or assigned to BotBoxAI, in accordance with applicable laws. This acknowledgement applies to all content created during the performance of services.

Trust and Safety

Strict adherence to platform policies and quality standards is mandatory. BotBoxAI reserves the right to remove content and ban contributors for violations of policies or a decline in content quality. Users understand that platform access is subject to BotBoxAI’s discretion.

Legal Terms

The legal terms articulated in this Policy are foundational to the contractual relationship between BotBoxAI and contributors. While contributors cannot transfer or assign these rights and licenses, the Company can do so without restriction.

Reporting an Article

Users are empowered to report content that violates community guidelines or intellectual property rights. Alternatively, users can email details, with responses guaranteed within 48 hours.

Contact Us

For any queries, concerns, or feedback, our dedicated Support Team is readily available. We value your engagement with our Services and extend our gratitude for contributing to the BotBoxAI community. Thank you for choosing to teach with us!

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