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In the dynamic landscape of online Technical Education, BotBoxAI stands as a trailblazer, providing state-of-the-art platforms tailored for both Students and Professionals. Our comprehensive offerings include Free Tutorials, a vast repository of Millions of Articles, Live/Online and Classroom Courses, engaging Coding Competitions, enlightening Webinars by Industry Experts, and abundant Internship and Job Opportunities. The following guidelines are crafted to govern all activities conducted on the BotBoxAI website and its associated services. Once a mentor receives the Offer Letter or the Master Service Agreement, the User Policy applies, subject to any changes made.



Establishing and maintaining your account demands meticulous attention to accuracy and completeness, necessitating the provision of a valid email address. The responsibility for all activities associated with your account rests solely with you, and stringent measures must be taken to safeguard your password. Account transfer or use by another individual is strictly prohibited. In the event of account-related issues or suspected unauthorized access, prompt notification to our Support Team is mandatory. You commit to providing truthful information, including your Name, Email, Phone number, and Account Details. Additional information may be requested based on Services availed or Contributions made.


Fees for successfully submitted content are disbursed according to the service agreement. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is deducted at applicable rates under Section 194J of the Income Tax Act 1961 before payments are made. It is imperative for mentors to possess an Indian PAN Card and a bank account for receiving payments; otherwise, a higher TDS rate is applicable. Payments are restricted to Indian bank accounts, and inaccurate account details may lead to the immediate Termination of the Service Agreement.


All work product, information, or materials created by the mentor during service unequivocally become the exclusive property of BotBoxAI. The mentor acknowledges BotBoxAI as the sole owner of resulting intellectual property rights. The work product is considered a “work made for hire” or, if not, is explicitly assigned to BotBoxAI.


Users must meticulously adhere to BotBoxAI’s policies and content quality standards. Approval for the use of Services is a discretionary power held by BotBoxAI. Content removal, payout suspension, or instructor banning may be enforced if policies are violated or if behavior reflects adversely on BotBoxAI.


For Live/Offline Classes:

  1. The initial four sessions are compulsory, and rescheduling is strictly prohibited.
  2. Emergency rescheduling during the first four sessions incurs payment deductions.
  3. Post the initial four sessions, rescheduling is allowed with conditions, including a maximum of two reschedules.
  4. Termination mid-project is not permissible. In the event of a Second Party wishing to terminate, compensation equivalent to 50% of the total project amount is obligatory.


Termination of this Agreement may be initiated by the First Party for a material breach, by the Company for various reasons, or if the Second Party reschedules three continuous classes.


The terms delineated in this Policy constitute a robust contractual agreement with significant legal implications. While these Terms may not be transferred or assigned by you, the Company retains the right to assign them without restriction. This legal framework ensures clarity and protection for all parties involved in the dynamic educational ecosystem of BotBoxAI.

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