Payment Guidelines

Payment Terms and Conditions

Upon enrolling in our Courses or acquiring any of our Services and furnishing the Company with your payment information, you explicitly acknowledge and agree to abide by the following payment terms and conditions.

To secure any services or products provided by us, you must possess internet access and a currently valid accepted payment method, as specified during the sign-up process (“Payment Method”). By utilizing the Company’s services, you consent to the storage and access of your payment information by the Company or its designated third-party payment provider. Additionally, you commit to remitting the applicable fees for the services or products you acquire through the Company, whether on a one-time or installment basis. The fees may fluctuate based on your location, the type of Payment Method employed, the origin of your Payment Method, or other contractual agreements. Please note that BotBoxAI may not support all payment methods, currencies, or locations, and these offerings may be subject to change periodically. Furthermore, you acknowledge that specific promotions, discounts, and pricing may not be universally available, and additional terms and conditions may govern certain promotional programs, discounts, pricing, or geographical locations.

By accepting these Terms of Service, you also bind yourself to the Terms of Service of third parties involved in the payment process. The Company reserves the right to update these Terms of Service without prior notice, and it is your responsibility as the user to review these terms before initiating any payment. In the event of a dispute between you (the User) and the Company or other third parties involved in the payment process, the final decision will rest with the Company’s discretion.

It is your responsibility to address any duties, customs fees, taxes, and related penalties, fines, audits, interest, and back-payments associated with your purchase of the Services. This includes, but is not limited to, national, state, or local sales taxes, use taxes, value-added taxes (VAT), and goods and services taxes (GST) collectively referred to as “Taxes.” Unless explicitly stated otherwise, our pricing policies do not incorporate, discount, or augment any such Taxes. Should we be obligated to collect or pay Taxes related to your purchase of the Services, these Taxes will be invoiced as part of the billing process or collected at the time of purchase. In certain jurisdictions, we may assess whether your purchase of Services is subject to specific Taxes and, if so, collect and remit these Taxes to the relevant taxing authority. If you believe that a particular Tax does not apply or that a certain amount must be withheld from payments to us, it is imperative to promptly provide accurate information so that appropriate compliance measures can be implemented.

Usage Guidelines for BotBoxAI

In order to foster a secure, respectful, and positive environment within the BotBoxAI community, it is imperative for all users to adhere to the following guidelines. These guidelines are designed to ensure the integrity and proper usage of the platform, enhancing the experience for everyone involved.

1. Account Access and Security

It is of utmost importance that access to your BotBoxAI account remains exclusive to yourself. Sharing your password with unauthorized individuals, making your account public, selling its contents, or engaging in any form of duplicity is strictly prohibited. Violation of these terms will result in immediate and rigorous actions taken against your account, potentially leading to its suspension and the imposition of penalties.

2. Respectful Interaction with Representatives

When engaging with BotBoxAI representatives, end users are expected to conduct themselves with utmost respect and courtesy. Any form of disrespectful behavior, including but not limited to rudeness, hostility, or disregard for professional communication standards, is strictly discouraged. Our representatives are here to assist and guide you, and we expect users to reciprocate with courtesy.

3. Appropriate Language Use

End users must exercise caution and mindfulness in their language choices while utilizing the BotBoxAI platform. Language that is offensive, harmful, hurtful, defamatory, or derogatory in any manner is strictly prohibited. We encourage users to communicate in a constructive and positive manner, fostering a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere for all participants.

4. Prohibition of Offensive Comments

Making racist, offensive, obnoxious, derogatory, harmful, or otherwise offensive comments is strictly prohibited. Users are urged to contribute to discussions and interactions in a manner that upholds the values of diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect. Any deviation from these standards will result in prompt and stringent actions being taken.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with any of these usage guidelines will result in swift and strict actions. This may include the suspension of your BotBoxAI account and the imposition of penalties. We are committed to maintaining a positive and respectful environment within our community and will take necessary measures to ensure the well-being of our users.

We appreciate your cooperation in upholding these guidelines, contributing to a community that thrives on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and respect for one another. Together, we can create an environment that promotes growth and excellence within the BotBoxAI platform.

Refund, Cancellation & Transferability Policy

At BotBoxAI, we are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. In the rare event that our services fall short of your expectations, we have a transparent refund policy in place. Refunds are subject to the terms and conditions outlined below, provided genuine reasons are established through thorough investigation. Prior to making a purchase, we strongly recommend reading the fine print associated with each deal, as it contains crucial details about the services or products you are acquiring. Notably, the total amount paid comprises both the tuition fee and processing fee, which includes taxes and payment charges.

Refund Requests: Refund requests must align with the stipulated timeline provided by the company. It’s important to note that no candidate is entitled to a 100% refund after the purchase of any courses.

Recorded/Online Classes: For Recorded/Online courses, if a candidate seeks to cancel their subscription and request a refund within 0-7 days of the course purchase, a full refund will be granted as part of our 7-day money-back guarantee. After the 7th day but within 15 days, a deduction of 25% will be applied, and the remaining amount will be refunded. No batch shift is possible after 15 days of purchase. Refunds will not be entertained after the 15th day, except in genuine cases decided upon at the discretion of the Company.

Live Courses: In the case of Live Courses, a candidate can apply for cancellation and refund after attending 2 classes, receiving a 100% refund. After the 3rd or 4th class, a 25% deduction will be applied, with the remaining amount refunded. No refunds will be issued after attending the 4th class.

Offline Classes: For Offline Classes, the same policy as Live Courses applies. A 100% refund is available after attending 2 classes, with a 25% deduction after the 3rd or 4th class. No refunds will be processed after attending the 4th class. Candidates opting for the “Hold Batch” option in Offline Classes can retain the batch for 45 days, after which the hold expires with no refund applicable.

Transferability: The rights to a user account, including access to paid courses, are non-transferable. Any attempt to transfer account rights or privileges is void and will not be considered. Sharing account information is strictly prohibited.

Doubt Assistance Refund: The refund policy now extends to Doubt Assistance for our courses. Specific conditions may apply if the user availed the course with a discount.

Please be aware that the refund process may take 7-15 working days to reflect in the user’s bank account, and the refund will be credited only to the original payment method. In the event of disputes related to refunds and cancellations, the final decision rests with the discretion of the Company.

Intellectual Property and Usage Rights

In the realm of proprietary rights, it’s imperative to recognize that the Services, as provided by BotBoxAI, are both owned and delivered by our organization. Within this digital landscape, the names, logos, trademarks, trade dress, visual interfaces, graphics, design, compilation, information, data, products, software, services, and all other components encompassing the Services (“Materials”) are safeguarded by intellectual property and other relevant laws.

All Materials embedded in the Services represent the property of BotBoxAI or, at times, its third-party licensors. The utilization of the Services is permissible only within the confines expressly authorized by us and as outlined in this Terms of Service (TOS). It is incumbent upon you to adhere to and preserve all intellectual property notices, information, and restrictions embedded within the Services. The rights to the Services that are not explicitly granted in this TOS remain reserved by us.

Should you choose to provide input and suggestions, encompassing issues, proposed modifications, or enhancements to the Services (“Feedback”), you, by extension, grant us an unrestricted, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, fully-paid, royalty-free right to exploit the Feedback in any conceivable manner and for any purpose. This includes the enhancement of existing Services and the creation of new products and services.

Subject to your unwavering compliance with this TOS and the rights vested in BotBoxAI, we extend to you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and revocable right to access and use the Services. However, it’s crucial to note that this right becomes effective only subsequent to the successful purchase of our Services. Your ongoing adherence to the terms outlined in this TOS is paramount for the sustained exercise of this granted right.

Confidentiality Clause

You are entrusted with Confidential Information solely for the purpose of utilizing the Service in accordance with this Terms of Service (TOS) or any separate written authorization provided by us. Under no circumstances should Confidential Information be used or disclosed beyond the permissible scope outlined in this TOS or any additional written agreement. This obligation extends throughout the duration of the TOS and persists even after the cessation of your use of our Services.

Throughout the entire period, you commit to exercising utmost discretion and taking all necessary precautions to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or use of Confidential Information. Your safeguarding measures should, at a minimum, mirror those employed to protect your own confidential information of a similar nature. Any violation of this clause, constituting a breach, will result in legal consequences.

This clause underscores the critical importance of maintaining the confidentiality of entrusted information and emphasizes the legal ramifications associated with any breach of this commitment.

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